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Business Hours

Hours are flexible to suit customer.

Driving Lesson Duration

One or two hours

Night Driving Lessons

Did you learn to drive in the daytime?
If so you may not have driven at night.

Motorway Driving

Don’t want to do Pass Plus but want to gain more experience, try a motorway lesson.

 DSA Aprroved driving lessons

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Driving Lessons, Assessments & Pass plus Instructor

As a fully qualified driving instructor registered with the Driving Standards Agency, I am able to give professional driving lessons and tuition to both learner and qualified drivers.

Whether you are looking to learn to drive or to improve your driving skills and knowledge, I provide the services you need, from standard driving lessons and Pass Plus courses, to night-time driving and motorway driving.

Affordable driving lessons in the West Midlands

With years of experience as a qualified driving instructor, my aim is to ensure learner drivers pass their tests first time, helping them to gain the knowledge and confidence they need to enjoy the years of safe driving ahead of them.

Based in Solihull, I offer driving lessons and other services to learner drivers, and more experienced drivers, in the following areas:

The vehicle used in my driving lessons is a standard Bill Plant dual-controlled car, complete with high visibility signage to make it easily recognisable as a training car, guaranteeing a relaxed and comfortable experience for drivers of all levels.

Get in touch to find out more about my one or two hour driving lessons by calling or texting 0771 258 8150, or emailing info@jasonmthorne.co.uk.

Night driving lessons

Most driving lessons and driving tests happen during the day, so night-time driving can seem daunting to any beginner driver. Whether you’ve passed your test already or not, I offer night driving lessons to maximise your knowledge and confidence on the roads.

One or two lessons of night-time driving will increase your awareness and safety on the road, benefiting both you and other drivers, during the day or night.

Motorway driving lessons

Motorway driving isn’t something that is covered in standard driving lessons, but is an important skill to learn. If you don’t feel confident enough to get on the motorway yourself, try a motorway driving lesson.

As an experienced driving instructor, I can teach you the necessary skills and facts about driving on the motorway to ensure you feel at ease in all motoring situations you may face on the road.

Click here to find out about our more advanced driving lessons.

Pass Plus course

For newly qualified drivers, I offer Pass Plus courses which will not only benefit you as a driver, but can also ultimately lead to a 30% discount with your insurance provider.

The courses consists of driving in a variety of circumstances with a qualified instructor, with the objective being to develop your knowledge and understanding of all driving circumstances, and improve your core driving skills too.

Get in touch

If you’d like to find out more about driving lessons or any of my other services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

You can call or text on 0771 258 8150 or email at info@jasonmthorne.co.uk.