Our top tips for revising your theory test

So your theory test is fast approaching. You feel like you’ve got your practical down. You know all the manoeuvres; you know your gears, technique and everything else.

All you need to do now is get past your theory. But revision isn’t your strong point. You’re worried that it’s going to let you down.

Fear not. We’re going to give you our top tips for revision and help you remember everything you need to for theory.

Find a quite space

To properly revise you’re going to need to find a quite space that’s completely free of distraction. You’re bedroom often seems like the most sensible place, but think of all the things that could act as a distraction in there. There’s your TV, games console, phone, bed, books and so on.

Find a more relaxed space that has nothing to distract you.

And don’t take your phone in with you!


Sporadic revisions sessions aren’t great.


Well because it feels like you’ve done something really good, revising out of the blue. And that means you won’t feel like you have to do it for long.

So create a schedule. If you’re most productive early in the day then plan two hours revision then, every morning, if you work best straight after dinner, then schedule revision time for then. You’ll soon get used to adhering to your schedule.

Try and make it fun

The hardest part is making revising fun. Unless you’re interested in road theory, it’s going to be difficult to make stuff stick.

So do what you can to make it fun. Revise with someone. Create games around revision. Test yourself.

Whatever makes you tick, try and incorporate it into your revision.

Reward yourself

When you pass a mock test, treat yourself. It’s a simple thing, but makes the revision feel like it’s worthwhile. It doesn’t have to be anything massive. It could be a cake, a night out, a drink.

Whatever it is, make sure it’s something you look forward to!

Stay positive

You will fail the mock tests.

But failing is all part of the learning process. Einstein failed. Newton failed. Steve Jobs failed. Every great has failed.

Learn from your mistakes and stay positive. If you let it get the better of you, you’ll soon become down.

If you’re looking for someone to help you master your theory and practical get in touch today. With years of experience on the road, we know exactly what it takes to help you pass.