How to build driver confidence

Sometimes a lack of time to practice your driving isn’t the biggest obstacle to success. Instead, a lack of confidence can prevent you from getting behind the wheel and can get in the way of – or halt completely – your driving progress.

So let’s look at a few ways to boost your driver confidence.

Learn about the mechanics

Fear often stems from a lack of understanding, so take the mystery out of driving and get to know the inner workings of your car.

Read about how engines work and get to grips with the braking system. You’ll find that as your knowledge increases, the more comfortable you’ll feel while out and about.

Understand the road

In much the same vein, a limited knowledge of the road (the markings, the signs, who has right of way, the correct stopping distances) will also diminish your confidence.

If you see a road sign and you don’t know what it signifies, your natural response might be to panic. So reduce these feelings of panic and anxiety on the road. Grab your copy of the Highway Code and start brushing up.

Pick quieter times to drive

Things can be a little overwhelming if you choose to drive in times of traffic. If possible, it’s better to head out during the day when most people will be at work, or choosing quiet areas to practice your driving. The more time you get on the road, the more your confidence will grow.

Pick a good driving partner

You’ve probably already discovered that not everyone you get in the car with makes a good driving partner. Some don’t pay attention, some will criticise your driving and some will make you nervous and put you on edge.

So pick someone you know you can trust to show support and assist and encourage you in your learning.